Smartworking…load test



CISO & CIO presso Aubay

crash test of the smarworking system … wednesday 19 i make a decision, i say to my team “guys ! start thinking about a strong, very strong, strengthening of the smartworking structure” … it was from monday 17 that i thought about it .. two days … it was already late !!!

thursday a race against time guaranteeing over 500 people to be able to work remotely from monday 24…

friday the email from HR Director, the right Company decision to limit as far as possible: travel, contacts, aggregations, in substance those who could work via VPN had the “go-ahead” 360 degrees.

No panic, no real concern if not the civic duty of each Company and each person to limit this “ugly beast”.

Since friday … my staff has worked wonders, because it doesn’t just mean connecting via VPN to our infrastructures but through them on a “mule’s back” going to reconnect to the Customer systems where we are Consultants.

Friday also the phone call from my Vice President al 21:30 “… no fear, no alarmism but … if you can guarantee 100% of the connections of the “home” staff remotely, it’s even better.”

Now understand… 11 Italian offices from Turin to Milan, Rome, Siena, Naples, Bologna … i love my VP !!!

it’s a challenge ! but our Company was born and lives on the technological challenges entrusted by our Customers so it is not only collecting, understanding, designing and managing but it is that pinch of “madness” that leads you to go beyond yourself!

Monday 24 morning, “a day of ordinary madness”, the biggest problem that some people, despite documentation, manual information and a crisis team made by HR, logistics coordination and other actors, some had never configured or used the VPN on their corporate PC because they really never needed it.

Fortunately, already in smartworking mode, all IT staff thanks to mobile phones, softphones and a little patience in waiting for users in the queue have all been configured.

monday 24 afternoon … almost deserted offices, all connected vpn, someone who forgot the token pin (our vpn system provides strong authentication), someone who does not remember how remotely it is possible to access a network folder, simple telephone instructions given by the IT crisis team that have made it possible to solve even small things, which when working remotely, however, become giant problems.

While this was happening on Monday morning, by videoconference thanks to some fantastic colleagues from Rome we carried out the audit for the confirmation of the ISO 27001 certification which took place with a positive outcome.

in thse days, we do not miss anything, with all the other delivery teams we are putting colleagues in a position to connect remotely to our Customers who have their own procedures, their VPN systems, therefore a real “procurement rush” of 4g routers, smartphones or other although, i must say that the basic equipment given to our employees is normally more than adequate, we are overpowering because according to the requests we receive from Customers we go (fast) and increase the equipment.

I don’t like self-referencing, it is trivial, this article is to thank “my” IT staff, our Company that has activated all the channels that are a civic sense and respect for the whole population, and the extraordinary protocols of coordination and office management to guarantee Employees, Customers and all those who gravitate around working with fantastic people who think not only of technical but also of human values.

personal note: “a few years have passed since i “forced” our Company to want to be present at the “Agile Labor Day” (aka smartworking) organized by the Metropolitan City of Milan. It has been an experience that in recent years has allowed us to consolidate the smartworking regime a lot, certainly this it is an exceptional event, but the experience we have had has helped us to be more ready than i myself could have thought.”